Get a gorgeous glow...

Premium Spray Tan - $40 for a custom rapid (rinse in 2-4 hours) or overnight (rinse in 8-12                                           hours) spray tan. Premium Spray includes a pH balancing prep spray to

                                     act as a primer for the tan and a moisture locking post spray that adds

                                     a boost of vitamin E and melanin boosting DHA to amp up the tan and 

                                     aid in its longevity. This is a truly pampered service with amazing 

                                      skincare benefits. (can last 7-14 days)

Express Spray Tan - $35 for a custom rapid (rinse in 2-4 hours) or overnight (rinse in 8-12 

                                    hours) spray tan.  ** no prep or post spray (can last 5-7 days)



1 Month Packages - $115 for (4) tans  in a 60 day period (includes premium)


Bridal Tan Package - $75 for two tans, one trial run tan and one wedding tan, also included a travel size maintenance kit for the honeymoon to keep the tan fresh. Bridal party members get $5 off their wedding day tan.

all sprays include free sticky feet (to protect bottoms of the feet), disposable thongs, pasties or disposable strapless bra, barrier cream for nails and palms, makeup wipes and a shimmering rose gold drying powder applied post tan to remove any tacky feeling on the skin.

Tans are custom blended based on the clients skintone and needs. The result leads to a beautiful natural looking tan.





The spray tans are hand applied by airbrush to create a flawless finish to the skin. The tans will last anywhere from 7-14 days with proper pre/post care. There is a wide range of solutions available in many shades, all containing natural and some certified organic ingredients to not only tan the skin but nurture it as well. The fragrances are all pleasant and skin feels smooth and moisturized. We also carry all the needed pre and post care products to keep a flawless tan. Visit our instagram page for more spray tanning images.