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Do you offer wedding makeup services?

At this time we have stepped away from the wedding industry, focusing more on our in studio services which still include makeup, light hair styling and spray tans in our clean private salon suite. Brides are still welcome to book an in studio makeup service for their wedding , but it means coming to the studio, this is ideal for elopements .

What is included in my makeup session?

In your private session we will consult over the look you want , then start with skin care to prep the face, we do airbrush makeup for its long lasting wearability and if you want to add false lashes , they are included.

Can I add hairstyling to my makeup session?

We do offer light hairstyling , this means curling or flat ironing, or even doing half- up or full updos. But you must click the add hair button on the booking site so that it adjust the time and rate.

Do you teach private makeup lessons?

we do offer private lessons in the studio, these are designed to be one on one and we have the client bring their own makeup and brushes so they can learn how to recreate the look at home. We can give product suggestions but we do not sale makeup at this time.

What is a spray tan & how does it work?

The main ingredient in a spray tan is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a carbohydrate derived from plants like sugarcane. When it bonds to the natural keratin in the skin it creates a browning effect to the skincells, similar to cutting an apple and leaving it out. Because the spray tan only goes as deep as the epidermal layer (the top dead layer of skin), the browned effect only last about 7-10 days as that is the natural turnover rate of those skincells. There is a cosmetic bronzer in the solution that acts as a guide color , this gets rinsed away with the first shower, but leaves a slight tint on the skin as the actual tan develops.

Will a spray tan make me orange?

If you follow the prep and post care instructions you will not be orange. Things that can cause an orange tone: leaving the tan on too long/not rinsing at the correct can cause an over-saturation of DHA and on fair skin that can pull orange. Using body wash with sulfates, parabens, mineral oils or heavy fragrances can effect the skin's pH and when that becomes unbalanced the color can change. Lastly adding over the counter self tanner on top of the spray tan, by mixing different types of DHA or layering new tan on old tan will turn a tan orange.

Can I go swimming with a spray tan?

Absolutely! once the tan has developed and you have taken your first real shower with soap and removed the cosmetic bronzer, you can go swimming. Some tricks to make your tan last in the water include, coating the skin in water proof sunscreen lotion will help protect the skin from salt water and chlorine, remember to rinse off after swimming and hydrate the skin well with moisturizer after the shower. While on vacation try one of our tan extender lotions, sprays or mousses to revive your color.

If I have a sunburn can I still spray tan?

If you have or have had a sunburn within the last thirty days it can negatively effect your spray tan. a sunburn can cause damage deep into the dermis of the skin and that skin will need several weeks to heal. Even if the burn has peeled, the DHA can cause it to peel again , so its very important to follow the prep and moisturize well and just know that comprised skin may not tan as well.

Do you spray tan men?

yes! Men are welcome to tan. please plan to tan in underwear or swim trunks. Men do not need to shave (unless they want to). Please still follow the prep guide provided. I have a special male fragrence drying powder with no shimmer for my male clients. I also have after care that is suitable for men.

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